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  • All Natural, Therapeutic Grade Ingredients: Our essential oil kit utilizes only 100 percent pure essential oils in a therapeutic grade formula for optimum use in aromatherapy. No parabens or artificial fillers. Use safely with our humidifier, oil diffuser, or in your nightly skincare routine for ultimate rest and relaxation
  • Perfect For Calming The Body And Soul: This essential oil pack features hand curated scents that target your overall well being. Say goodbye to restlessness, oily skin, congestion, headaches, and fatigue and start feeling wonderful
  • 6 Aromatherapy Products All Together In 1 Box: Enjoy the calming and soothing benefits of lavender, geranium, and vanilla diffuser oils, while reaping the health benefits of eucalyptus, tea tree, and sweet orange oils. Comes in individual bottles, each with a drip top and air tight cap, beautifully wrapped in a box (makes the perfect present).

Essential Oils Starter Kit

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